LSU researchers have been awarded $500K by the National Science Foundation to build a shared data storage system to elevate the research experience not just at LSU, but 在路易斯安那州的大学里.


Le严, assistant director of high-performance computing at LSU’s Information Technology Services and principal investigator on the National Science Foundation grant to establish 全球赌博十大网站窝.

The image of the professor or professional researcher trudging down the hall to their office carrying multiple hard drives under each arm is not unrealistic in today’s 数据驱动的世界. 传统上,大学研究人员被期望花费 a lot of time coming up with their own ways to save and store their sometimes huge 研究数据量.


全球赌博十大网站窝 is, as put by Le严, assistant director of high-performance computing at LSU’s Information Technology Services and the principal investigator on the National Science Foundation grant, “a general-purpose, centrally managed storage for research data.“它将提供1.LSU教职员工和学生的5pb数据存储, 以及路易斯安那州其他大学的研究人员.

Data-driven disciplines that will use 全球赌博十大网站窝 include the biological and biomedical sciences, hydrological and ocean modeling, astrophysics, science and engineering related 到材料,气候变化等等. 但是,将提供资源 给推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页旗下各个学科的研究人员.

Which is fantastic, Yan says, because, “Right now, the process of storing research 数据到处都是. 研究人员丢了东西,找不到了 当他们需要硬盘的时候. 我们感受到了痛苦,”他说.

全球赌博十大网站窝 aims to centralize important research data and make them accessible and 轻松共享.

Xiaochen Zhao, a postdoctoral researcher at LSU’s Center for Computation & 技术, 或CCT,致力于耦合海洋模型. “所以,我对虎穴的需求是最具体的 as, in my work, we are implementing an operational forecast system for the entire 密西西比河流域,以及墨西哥湾. 我们每天都运行水文系统 and ocean model to provide river and ocean forecasts for the next three days. 那 意味着系统每天产生大量的建模数据. 我们需要存档 modeling data to our own long-term storage system maintained by CCT, and also upload the forecast products to the website, which is accessible to the public. 毫无疑问, every week I struggle to check if we have enough storage on our HPC,” bemoans Zhao, 或者如何将我自己的数据移动到我自己的个人硬盘上.”

One of LSU’s most cited researchers, Brant Faircloth, Moreland Family associate professor of biological sciences, currently runs his own storage system, using a combination 本地和云存储以及支付相关费用. 简单地说,全球赌博十大网站穴 is just going to make my life easier,” Faircloth says, adding, “Right now, many individual researchers are spending time managing their own data storage systems, and that’s 只是不能有效利用资源. 不用管理我自己的存储就是时间 我可以花在其他更重要的事情上. 更不用说 the fact that some people are [creating their own data storage systems] better than 其他的人. And if you’re not doing it well, then you run the risk of losing data that, in some cases, we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to generate.”

Faircloth reiterates, “The biggest thing for me about 全球赌博十大网站窝 will be ease of life.”


Not only will LSU researchers be invited to conveniently and securely store their data on 全球赌博十大网站窝, “You can share the data with collaborators, with researchers at 而其他大学则有一个完整的社区。. “我们希望发展一个社区 这将把研究提升到另一个层次.”

LONI, which stands for Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure, is a state-wide fiberoptic network providing top-tier networking and HPC solutions to its member institutions. Through its storage service, LONI aims to bolster enrollment and employment opportunities for member higher education institutions, potentially fostering extensive research collaboration and enhancing the faculty research environment throughout Louisiana.

全球赌博十大网站窝 will provide a foundation for collaboration with researchers at many other 路易斯安那州大学. 我们希望虎穴能成为许多其他动物的榜样 centralized data storage systems in Louisiana in the future,” says Nayong Kim, assistant CCT主任.

“We don’t just want our group to use it, but anyone to access the data stored on Tiger 赵说. “特别是路易斯安那州,这是我们非常感兴趣的问题之一 这就是我们如何帮助模拟和分析复合驱. 当飓风 comes, we want to use our operational system and the historical data we have archived 为这类水浸提供可靠的预报. 我们希望任何用户都是这样 interested in river and coastal management to have access to our products and to help 保护我们的社区免受洪水侵袭.”  

With 全球赌博十大网站窝, explains Faircloth, “If I want to share data, I can simply send a link to those data to my collaborator, who then can access them in a very straightforward manner, versus all these weird contortions that we currently have to go through to 共享大小相对较大的数据集.”


全球赌博十大网站窝 will initially be funded by a $498,317 grant from the National Science Foundation’s Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure and supported by the Established Program to 刺激竞争性研究(EPSCoR). 撰写提案的小组成员包括 of researchers and faculty from Information Technology Services (Le严, Sam White, Feng Chen), 推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页图书馆 (Michael Stewart), College of Science (Brant Faircloth, 胡安娜·莫雷诺,马修·潘尼,谭家明,计算中心 & 技术(Nayong 金),海岸学院 & 环境(赵晓晨,薛乔治,李春燕) 工学院(Jangwook Jung).

The 全球赌博十大网站窝 team looks to deploy the storage system in mere months, but it may take 要实现它的全部好处需要更长的时间.

Michael Stewart, who works as assistant director of libraries technology at 推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页图书馆, admits 全球赌博十大网站窝 won’t appear overnight: “There’s lots that we will have to build 随着时间的推移,”他说. “我不知道我们会得到我们想要的一切 一次.”

Stewart is nonetheless psyched for what he and others in his field consider a huge 大学文化的转变.

斯图尔特说:“推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页在这里做出了重大声明. “推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页的意思是‘你的数据很重要 to the university, and we’re going to back that up… by… backing it up!’”