The 奥格登荣誉学院 will help you make the most of your undergraduate experience. When you check the box to join the Ogden community, you gain access to our dedicated advising staff who will help you craft and carry out a rich four-year plan for your time at LSU, you open the door to opportunities for scholarships, community service, study abroad, internships, and innovative research with a faculty mentor, you have access to uniquely-crafted courses offered exclusively to honors students, and you put yourself on a path to graduate with some of LSU’s highest distinctions. When you check the box to join Ogden Honors, you put your future in motion.


奥格登荣誉学院的入学竞争非常激烈. 进料选择 first-year students is based on high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and a writing sample. The writing sample is weighed on an even scale with GPA and standardized exam scores, so special consideration should be given to this component of the application. The strength of courses taken in high school will be considered and is factored into 高中GPA的计算.


  • 3.LSU加权5 GPA
  • ACT综合30分,英语30分
  • SAT总分1360分,基于证据的阅读和写作670分
  • 写作样本(必选)


To demonstrate their writing aptitude, students are required to submit a writing sample 作为申请荣誉学院的一部分. 学生必须注明 他们喜欢的写作样本通过 荣誉大学写作样本选择表 in the LSU Admissions Portal after submitting the Common Application.


  • 奥格登荣誉学院论文-推荐
    Select this option if you wish to submit an original essay response to a provided 提示作为你的写作样本. 通过选择此选项,您的推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页招生门户 核对表将更新为 奥格登荣誉大学论文 你必须通过这个链接提交论文.
  • 通用申请文书
    Select this option if you will have already included an essay as part of your Common Application and wish to use it for Honors College admission consideration.
  • Other equivalent writing assessment (ACT Writing Test score, AP or IB English Exam score, or final grade from a dual enrollment English course)
    Select this option if you will have already completed one of these alternate writing assessments and wish to use it for Honors College admission consideration (Your assessment must be either included in your application materials or emailed to


If you are ready to become a member of the 奥格登荣誉学院, you should apply 在申请推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页时申请. 你可以使用通用申请申请推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页. To apply to the 奥格登荣誉学院, simply check the box for Honors admission consideration 在你的推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页申请上.


Honors students sitting in a circle at a Thesis Day crawfish boil


An Honors College section is included on the application; there is no separate application process. If you have already completed your LSU application, but did not check the box to be considered for Honors College admission, you may amend your application. 



The 优先级的最后期限 申请并被考虑进入奥格登荣誉学院 12月15日. Students may be notified of their Honors College admission status as early as November 然后在滚动的基础上. 我们强烈鼓励学生申请 12月15日截止日期. Any applications received after this date will be reviewed on 可用空间基础.


You are invited to discover more about the 奥格登荣誉学院 by visiting the Ogden 荣誉的校园. You will meet with an Honors College representative who will highlight the Ogden community, take your questions, and discuss your interests and how they can be met by the academics, opportunities, and co-curricular programs offered by 奥格登荣誉学院和推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页. 这样的拜访是告知你决定的好方法 参加推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页和奥格登荣誉学院.  

To schedule a visit, complete one of the forms below at least 24 hours in advance 您所要求的日期. 奥格登荣誉学院的参观时间是下午2:30.m. 周一, Wednesdays, and Fridays (excluding university holidays and closures and any dates 下面列出).


LSU's Department of Residential Life offers several housing tour options. To learn about options for touring 拉维尔荣誉院, visit the LSU Department of Residential 生活之旅页面.


To schedule a tour of both LSU and the 奥格登荣誉学院, please complete the 推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页校园旅游登记表. 注册必须是 至少提前24小时完成 of an expected visit. 请注意,荣誉学院的参观时间是下午2:30.m. 星期一,星期三, and Fridays (excluding university holidays and closures and any dates 下面列出). You will receive a confirmation regarding your campus itinerary as your visit day approaches.


If you have already attended an LSU Campus Tour but would like to return to campus 参观奥格登荣誉学院,请填写 奥格登荣誉学院之旅报名表. 参观时间是下午2:30.m. 星期一、三、五(星期日除外 university holidays and closures and any dates 下面列出). 注册必须是 至少提前24小时完成. 您将收到一封电子邮件,确认您的申请 visit and information regarding parking as your visit date approaches.

We are unable to accommodate visit requests for the following date(s):

  • 2023年11月20日-推荐十大赌博靠谱信誉平台|首页开球
  • 2023年11月24日——感恩节
  • 2023年12月22日—2024年1月1日—寒假
  • 2024年1月15日——马丁·路德·金纪念日
  • 2024年3月29日——耶稣受难日

*Kickoff LSU is the university’s open house for high school seniors. 了解更多信息 报名请联系


If you wish to appeal an admission decision, you may do so by letter, addressed to 奥格登荣誉学院院长. 乔纳森·厄尔. 可提出上诉 only by the applicant and must clearly state the applicant's reasons for appealing 录取决定原件. 呼吁书应包括重要信息 that was not included in the original admission consideration. 所有上诉均须覆核 具体情况具体分析. 申请人可于申请日期起计三星期内收到回复 上诉被提交. 上诉必须在6月1日前收到.



If you are currently an LSU student, or if you are a transfer student entering LSU, and would like to be considered for admission into the 奥格登荣誉学院, you are welcome to do so if you meet and provide the following admissions criteria: 

  • 3.所有大学课程的累积绩点为5分;
  • An excellent 400-600 word essay; and
  • At least four semesters of college coursework remaining in your major.

了解更多信息 on how to apply to the Honors College as a transfer or continuing 学生,请访问我们的 转学生和继续学生录取 page.